Adventure activity and attractions in Mandi on the way to Kullu Manali

What We Do: We have been undertaking flying for adventure, sport and recreation with two seater Powered Hang Glider since 2010 in Balh valley of District Mandi. This aircraft, also known as Ultralight Aircraft is duly registered with DGCA, Govt. Of India. Also, we have clearance from Airports Authority of India (AAI) to operate in the airspace around the flying site up to 6000 feet.

Where: Our flying site is located near Dador on the NH21. The site is connected by road to NH 21 and can be easily reached from Dador at NH 21 close to Ner Chowk. To locate on map the Link is:,76.91138,16z?hl=en-US

When: We are flying everyday from 10 Apr to 10 Jun from 10 AM to 5 PM.

WHAT WE OFFER: The following adventure flights are available:

a. Discovery flight and Joyride for Rs. 2500 per person. This is the basic flight which would cover a distance of about 8 km around the Flying site in Balh valley and go up to 1000 feet. In this 10 minutes of flight, the guest can experience the thrill of flight in an open cockpit and enjoy the aerial view of the beautiful Balh valley and mountains.

b. Explorer Flight for Rs. 4500 per person. This flight involves a total distance of about 30 Km. Any one of the following places of interest - as chosen by the guest - would be covered during this flight.

i. Rewalsar lake

ii. Mandi town

iii. Sundarnagar

iv. Around Balh valley at 6000 feet

c. Cross Country flights: These flights are subject to weather conditions and clearance from Air Traffic Control. With a prior notice of 24 hours, longer duration flights can be arranged to cover a distance of about 120 Km from the flying site. Following places can be covered by these flights - prices are dependent upon the places chosen by the guest:

i. Govind Sagar Lake in Bilaspur-

ii. Pandoh Dam and Kulu Valley

iii. Kol Dam in Bilaspur

iv. Jogindernagar and Bir/Billing in Kangra

Formalities Required: The guest is required to fill and sign risk certificate indemnifying the operator against the risk as required under HP Aerospor rules. In addition, guest is required to be physically and mentally fit and not under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicants. Pregnant women, persons suffering from heart disease, mental disorders and severe cough or cold, below 12 years of age are not permitted to take the flights.

Clothing and equipment: No special clothing is required. Just wear trousers and shirt/T shirt. Ladies may also wear salwar suit. For ladies wearing skirt or sari, it may be difficult to sit on the rear seat as the seating is like sitting cross legged as a pillion on a motorcycle. Guests would be provided with appropriate outer clothing, gloves, goggles and helmet with intercom.

Contact Information: For details, you may contact us on

a. Website:
b. E mail:
c. Mobile: +917807371177/+919418101300
d. Postal Address: Suket Adventure Foundation, VPO Ratti, Tehsil Balh, District Mandi (HP) - 175008

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