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(General Rejuvenation Therapy)

Improve Vitalitya

Time duration-45 minutes

Package Cost     Rs. 900/-

A therapy to ease away the stress and strain of urban hectic life. As your body soaks in the oils, the supple hands of the therapists work their magic on your body. With each stroke, a message of relaxation and calmness passes through your body. This therapy considered to be the crown jewel of rejuvenation, when done regularly, helps delay ageing, imparts glowing skin, improves flexibility of joints and improves mental clarity.



(Suppose to be Third eye Opener)

Relief from Stress

Time duration-45 minutes

Package Cost    Rs. 1400/-

Considered to be one of the best discoveries of Ayurveda, this therapy consists of a soothing flow of medicated oil on your forehead. As the therapy proceeds you feel yourself being lulled into sleep. Escape to a tranquil world where the mind is relaxed. Soak and at the same time also awaken your third eye as the oil soothes your frayed nerves. You will find yourself reluctantly opening your eyes as the therapy ends. Shiro Dhara is best for alleviating fatigue, depression, mental stress, delaying ageing, improving hair growth, improving memory and concentration powers.




Time duration-30 minutes

Package Cost   Rs.  450/-

The face Massage and Head Massage is a particularly pleasurable experience-most people will be surprised at the amount of tension they hold here, particularly around the jaw. There is not usually time for a full face and head massage as part of a full-body massage. 






Time duration- 30 minutes

Package Cost  Rs. 500/-

All too often we take our bodies for granted, putting continual demands on ourselves. Our legs and feet frequently get ignored and small twinges and discomforts often go unheeded. Massage provides the means to ease these tensions and revitalize this weight-bearing part of the body.  People whose job entail a lot of standing will find a leg and foot massage especially useful. Like the arms, the legs are also worked on individually. 







Time duration- 30 minutes

Package Cost  Rs. 500/-

Ayurvedic head massage stops stress and stimulates healing and is one of the best ways of relieving chronic neck and shoulder pain







Time duration-30 minutes

Package Cost   Rs. 600/- 

A special treatment for treating chronic back problem and slip disc, Kati Vasti involves immersing the affected areas of the back in lukewarm medicated oil.

A wall is made with black gram dough around the painful area on the back. Then warm medicated oil is allowed to stand inside that area. This is the technique of retaining medicated oils within the boundaries of black gram paste over the lower back region for a specific period of time.  





(Medicated oil stored in a Chef Cap)

Recharge your emotion

Time duration 45 minutes

Package Cost  Rs.  900/-

Certain lukewarm herbal oils are poured into a cap fitted on the head for 15 to 60 minutes per day according to the patient’s conditions. This treatment is highly effective for facial paralysis, dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, severe headaches and other vatha-originated diseases. Also effective for the loss of tactile sense, facial paralysis, speech difficulties, insomnia and nervous disorders. Also prescribed for other diseases of the head, eyes, ears and nose.  Excellent for memory loss, depression, insomnia, hemiplegia etc.






Time duration-45 minutes

Package Cost  Rs. 600/- each

This is the application of herbal paste externally over the affected area. The herbal powder and the medium to make the paste are selected as per the condition. This therapy is having a wide range of usage from cosmetic purpose to severe skin conditions. Very effective in Psoriasis, Pimples, Marks on skin, Pigmentation, Arthritis with swelling and pain, injuries and skin infections.





Package Cost  Rs.  500/-

 A gentle application of warm herbal oil is first done over the body. Next the individual is made to sit, keeping the head out, inside a steam chamber that lets out herbal steam from medicinal herbs makes the individual perspire profusely that promote cohesion between cells. The steam will open up the very small pores of the skin hereby removing all wastes and pacifying the three doshas. A great therapy for toning the skin.


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